Loan receipt agreement

loan receipt agreement

other Loan Documents as are specifically delegated or granted to Collateral Agent. I have appointed LendingClub as my agent (in such capacity, the " Note Registrar for the purpose of maintaining a book-entry system (the " Register for recording the names and addresses of any future owner of beneficial interests. Borrower will deliver to Lender: (a) Monthly Financial Statements. On and as of the Closing Date, the business printed newspaper vs online newspaper plan attached as Exhibit F of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries (the Business Plan ) is based on good faith estimates and assumptions made by the management of the Borrower;. Net Cash Proceeds means an amount equal to the Cash proceeds received from the sale of any Equity Interests or other assets in any of the Guarantors, bsii or bsoi to any third party, net of underwriting discounts and commissions. Unless otherwise specifically provided herein, any accounting term used in this Agreement or the other Loan Documents shall have the meaning customarily given such term in accordance with gaap, and all financial computations hereunder shall be computed in accordance with gaap, consistently applied. Preferred Stock means at any given time any equity security issued by Borrower that has any rights, preferences or privileges senior to Borrowers common stock. Borrower agrees to keep Lender apprised of any amendments or changes to the Senior Loan Documents and any such amendments or changes shall be subject to Lenders due diligence and satisfaction. You consent to receive SMS messages (including text messages calls and messages (including prerecorded and artificial voice and autodials) from us, our agents, representatives, affiliates or anyone calling on our behalf at the specific number(s) you have provided. Borrower shall furnish to Lender written notice of Discharge of the Senior Indebtedness within five (5) Business Days prior to such discharge. Bankruptcy Code means Title 11 of the United States Code entitled Bankruptcy, as now and hereafter in effect, or any successor statute. All material Governmental Authorizations required under Environmental Laws for construction and operation of the Projects have either been previously obtained and are in full force and effect, or if not yet obtained are anticipated to be obtained. Your loan request will be listed on the marketplace for at least fourteen (14) days, subject to investor interest. Regular payments towards principal and interest: if the money is lent on a rate of interest, the lender can choose for the borrower to make regular payments that go towards the principal, as well as the interest as it accrues. Dollars using a check (subject to any applicable check processing fee) or electronic debit that is drawn on and honored by a bank in the United States. Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Each Credit Party will, and will cause each of its Subsidiaries to, pay all Taxes imposed upon it or any of its properties or assets or in respect of any of its income, businesses or franchises before any penalty. Sbic Act shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section.14. Your consent here does not relate to those notices.


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  1. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with the law. 6.3 Payment of Taxes and Claims. 10 Maximum Term Loan Amount means Twenty-Five Million Dollars (25,000,000). If the borrower defaults on their loan payments, the lender can go to court to foreclose the collateral to remedy their loss.
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  3. This Agreement and any amendments, waivers, consents or supplements hereto may be executed in any number of counterparts, and by different parties hereto in separate counterparts, each of which when so delivered shall be deemed an original, but all. SBA shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section.14. 85, 1463(g or 1831d, as appropriate) and related regulations and interpretations, which authority Lender expressly reserves. Collateral Agent may accept payments of principal, interest, fees and expenses due under the Loan Documents from key components within a performance management plan and deposits from, Borrower or any other Credit Party on the account or benefit for any Lender.
  4. loan receipt agreement
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  6. Guarantors have agreed to guarantee the obligations of Borrower hereunder and to secure their respective Obligations by granting to Collateral Agent, for the benefit of Lender, a Lien (subordinated in favor of the Senior Lenders) on substantially all of their. You further acknowledge and agree that we may rely without independent verification on the accuracy, authenticity, and completeness of all information you provide. The provisions of this Agreement will be governed by federal laws and the laws of the state of Utah to the extent not preempted, without regard to any principle of conflicts of laws that would require or permit. Costs and conduct of any appeal shall be governed by this Arbitration Provision and the administrators rules, in the same way as the initial arbitration proceeding.
loan receipt agreement

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