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  1. The legislation also significantly expanded DIA's role in defense science and technology matters. Clapper also consolidated human intelligence (humint) in the Defense humint Service (DHS) to preserve the department's ability to manage humint under the constraints of diminishing resources while more rapidly and efficiently focusing the humint elements of the department on targets worldwide. Washington "Whatever I did or people think I did or didn't do, I'm not sure I can gauge that personally very well as I walk out the door said LtGen James Clapper upon leaving DIA in 1995.". The plan would have meant the DIA director had no program-execution authority over the gdip, though technically responsible for managing that program.
  2. Requirements for intelligence support to senior policymakers and in support of military operations were not declining, despite the call for cuts. Interests was diversifying rather than dissipating. "We needed to make a change and we needed to make it now.
  3. In September 1990, he signed the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (jwics) charter, marking the founding of the intelligence community's global, high-speed, classified network. Today, because of those decisions, jwics empowers warfighters, intelligence analysts and national decision-makers across the government with a robust, reliable kids party pics and flexible IP-based communications infrastructure. Another step Clapper took in bolstering intelligence support to customers was seeking new technological solutions to communicate information. His retirement from military service in 1995, though distinguished, was not the end of his service to defense intelligence.
  4. The March 1991 plan to restructure management of the gdip by placing the staff and authority with the assistant secretary of defense for command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I who was a political appointee, raised the risk of politicizing DIA's intelligence support. During his career, he also served as a consultant for the House Intelligence Committee, the former Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office, the Defense Policy and Science Boards, as president of the Security Affairs Support Association, and on various government panels, boards, commissions and advisory groups. According to Clapper, this was his most important accomplishment during his tenure as director. "The rationale was, at the time, that since each of the services had their own management structures and hierarchies that savings would accrue by generating more tooth and less tail by folding the strategic humint billets from the services.


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