Patriotic photo christmas cards

patriotic photo christmas cards

as a Theme As you will see in the Vietnam section below, it was not only Christmas cards that were prepared for use against the enemy. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas John Calvin Coolidge. The text is written in a homey southern style and reminds of us old-fashioned country folk. Typical envelopes bear a 40-pfennig Hindenburg stamp, which was the correct postage for foreign mail up to 40 grams. The text is in English on one side and Vietnamese on the other. There was one official card which we show above. One of the GIs manning the outpost showed me the Chinese Christmas card. The text is It is comforting to know that whether returned to us or not, he is in good hands said the wife of a POW when she heard that her husband was captured. When opened, the size of the card is 168 x 107.
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  • 424, Chinese Propaganda Christmas card.120. . The internal affairs of South Vietnam must be settled by the South Vietnamese people themselves." Beneath the text is a red Communist flag with star, and the text "Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam." When unfolded the card is blank at left. The text is "The same line Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." The back shows a girl in a bathing suit on a swing. Leaflet 98 11 44/2 Here is a second leaflet from the unit that used the 98 code.
  • After the attempt on his life, Adolf Hitler took the propaganda responsibility away from his military and gave it to his more loyal. US Officers and Men! Gifts to the nicest people. Notice the discoloration on this leaflet. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that rebel leaders tell their followers that they will be killed if they turn themselves in, but the Christmas trees give another message, he said.

patriotic photo christmas cards

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Customize the absence notes for school templates ideal Christmas card message or Christmas card sayings to include in your card. By 10 December the troops had begun to enter the port of Hungnam where 200 ships rescued about 105,000 UN troops. It clearly attempts to look like a Christmas card. Cheer up console yourself with Jerry. Well, here you are just before Christmas far away from home and stuck in the worst imaginable military situation.
Note: A modified version of this article appeared in the December 2002 issue of the American Philatelic Society. Custom birthday cards are the perfect way to show someone you care on their special day. Free printable custom greeting cards.

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Ambassador recommendation letter from This leaflet angered a number of Hungarian government officials. The outside front shows a traditional English coach scene outside a hostelry. Because it was used in the Philippines it was probably produced by General MacArthurs Psychological Warfare Branch. Text on the front and back is "Much happiness" and "For all the children of Panama, a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Text on the front says "Can't he be original?
Cards for fathers from daughters They receive letters from them regularly, see their photos in newspapers and hear their voices over the radio. The United States printed sentimental leaflets mentioning the Vietnamese holiday "Tet and the Viet Cong printed nostalgic leaflets that mentioned Christmas. The family prepares to sit down for a happy holiday meal.
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Cara edit foto Shop Now, laser-Cut Cards, intricate and elegant, laser-cut greeting cards offer stunning design detail no matter the occasion. It tells the soldier that he wont be kept in France because of the need for beds due to massive Allied casualties. Xmas Cards dropped from our planes (copy of message attached) Then Mass Communion Breakfast Then I wrote messages to friends - Dorita gave me a pair of socks her share of the piece of chocolate. Click here to begin. The text is in English.
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  1. Our customer appreciation designs are certain to be one of the most important messages your business will send this holiday season. Strap your gun over your left shoulder, muzzle down and pointedbehind you. Other official Christmas cards printed by Army units and issued to the troops include the 3rd Armored Cavalry, the 5th Special Forces Group, the 24th Infantry Division and 82nd Airborne Division. The villagers did not speak English or know what the propaganda leaflets contained.
  2. Army outpost in South Vietnam. The big shots are home enjoying themselves, eating good food, and drinking good liquor.
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  6. Your happiness is not to be found in the South Vietnam battlefield! Wouldn't we both be happy? One joker said that it was so cold the hot turkey drumsticks turned into Popsicles before they could be eaten.
patriotic photo christmas cards


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The Front of the gold coast beverage distributors salary card depicts a smiling British soldier six kilometers from Caen, France and the text: Xmas at home! This leaflet depicts Hitler as Santa Claus carrying bags of gifts for the German people.

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